Aberdeen and Shire Hillwalking Club


Aberdeen and Shire Communications Policy (May 2017)
Note: Aberdeen and Shire Hillwalkingis an amateur club and will use best endeavours to adhere to this policy but cannot guarantee it.
The club’s formal means of communication with members will be by email and all important communications will be sent in this manner.
Thus, all members are required to have an email address.
In particular, the club will not normally use surface mail.
Emails to the entire club will be blind copied i.e. members’ email details will not be available to each other.
Emails to sub-groups e.g. weekend meetings, will have everybody within that sub-group copied i.e. members’ email details within that group will be known by everybody within it.
The club will not give out email addresses to external parties except where obliged. Currently it is only Mountaineering Scotland who receive email addresses, for insurance purposes.
The club has a website, which members should familiarise themselves with and which we shall keepup to date.
The club has a Facebook page that many members enjoy and post pictures etc. in. Meetings are also advertised in it. We would encourage members to join Facebook and make use ofit, though there is no obligation.
The club is always considering alternative means of keeping in touch with members, including Facebook, SMS messaging and, most particularly, WhatsApp. Members are encouraged to join WhatsApp. Although members will always receive important formal communications by email, it is possible that they will miss some informal communications if they are not on WhatsApp. Againthere is no obligation.
The club will not make individual exceptions to this policy.

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