Aberdeen and Shire Hillwalking Club

To assist our club members in walking the hills in a safe and comfortable manner we have published some advice below.

In winter the effect of a cold wind can make it feel much colder, in particularly if clothing is wet, it can induce hypothermia. A good way to dress is based on the use of a wind and waterproof outer 'shell', usually a waterproof jacket and over-trousers. 'Breathable' materials such as Goretex are preferred for comfort. The shell is combined with layers of warm clothing underneath,such as a fleece jacket and walking trousers.

Sitting still (lunch)
Put on extra clothing during stops such as lunch breaks before you start your lunch, or you will rapidly cool down.

A good pair of walking boots is essential to give support to the ankles and protect the feet on rough and wet ground. Some people wear two pairs of socks, a thin pair and than over that a pair of walking socks, this could prevent blisters. Many of us wear Gaiters, which prevents snow or heather or water getting into your socks/boots. It makes it easier to cross streams. An ice axe and crampons may be essential for some Scottish winter routes. It is not only essential you bring these items during a winter walk, but more important is that you know how to use them.

Walking poles
Some of us use walking poles, it helps taking the weight of your knees when descending a hill, but it also helps getting up it.

It is essential that you bring a compass and an OS map of the area that you are walking in. Coures in navigation are offered by Mountaineering Scotland and you can always ask an experienced member of the club for assistance.

GPS, Global Positioning System
If you are walking in bad weather (white out conditions or fog) it might be an idea to make sure one in your party has a GPS and knows how to use it.

The following equipment is suggested. However, it is your responsibility to be properly equipped for the hill.



First Aid Box
Boots (not trainers),
First Aid Box
Head torch
Boots (not trainers), Socks
Water/wind proof jacket Water/wind proof jacket
Waterproof over-trousers Waterproof over-trousers
Warm clothing (thermal/fleece) Warm clothing (thermal/fleece)
Trousers or similar (not jeans) Trousers or similar (not jeans)
Rucksack and spare clothes (eg socks, gloves, hat) Rucksack and spare clothes (eg socks, multiple pair of gloves, hat)
Survival bag, Whistle Survival bag, Whistle, one survival shelter for 3 to be carried by your party

Food and drink (Thermos flask) in warm weather, bring plenty of water, for  long trips consider waterpurifying tablets

Food and drink (Thermos flask)
Map (1: 50 000 advised) and compass Map (1: 50 000 advised) and compass
Gaiters Gaiters
Sun cream & Midge repellant, midge net Torch (head torch preferred), spare batteries
walking poles (optional) Ice axe and crampons

If anybody has more suggestions to add to this list please use the Contact Us form on the Join Us page.

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